COVID-19 Update 3/18

COVID-19 Update 3/18

Dear Church,

As a staff, we are committed to try and communicate well and stay as connected as possible during the COVID-19 crisis.  We are planning to provide a weekly e-mail update on Wednesdays.


Here are the updates for this week.

  • All services and on-site groups are canceled until further notice
  • Off-site groups are encouraged to cancel unless proper recommendations from the CDC are practices:
    • Groups are under 10, people practice social distancing (6 feet apart), proper hygiene recommendations are utilized, and at-risk people are not involved (people over 60, or people with health concerns)

We desire to stay connected in the following ways:

o   We will live stream a worship service on Sunday at 9:30am

  • To access this service go to At the top of the homepage, you will see an image that will invite you to click to watch. This will direct you to the live video on Facebook live. You do not need a Facebook account to watch it. You may need to turn the volume up when directed to the live feed.
  • If you don’t watch it at 9:30 am it will be available throughout the week.
  • This service will be about 40 minutes long.
  • You can also watch the service on KLTV at 3pm on Sunday or Noon Wednesday. The service broadcasted is a week delayed. So you’ll be watching the previous week’s service. 

o   We are also live-streaming daily morning prayers

  • You can join pastor Dave or other staff members for morning prayer on the church’s Facebook page at 8:30 am. Again, you do not need a Facebook account to access this content. Click here for the link. These videos can be accessed anytime after they are broadcasted. 

o   I (Pastor Phil) am also leading an evening reflection via Facebook live on Wednesday nights at 7:30 pm. Join me tonight for a live stream from the lake with my dog Sophie. I’ll be talking in more depth about how to pray the Examen prayer. Click here to find the live-stream at 7:30.

o   You can continue to support the ministries of LVCC by giving online by clicking here.

  • If you have any needs please call the church office. As pastor’s, we are available if you need to talk or pray. We recognize that these are trying times physically, economically, emotionally and spiritually 
  • Our deacons are also going to be checking in regularly with our homebound and more vulnerable members. We are available if you have any physical needs or need help accessing food and supplies.
  • If you need tech support accessing online services please call the church office at 360 423- 6380.
  •  We encourage you to initiate calls to those of your friends during this time so we can check in on one another and support each other.

We will continue to provide updates as the situation develops.

Grace and peace to you in Christ,

Pastor Phil.


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