Sermon Series

Sermon Series

Family Matters: Fall preaching series on 1 Corinthians

This fall we will be studying Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians. This letter has a lot of practical wisdom on how to do life together. Paul explores the importance of community and helps us navigate through the inevitable challenges that come with living together. Join us as we explore how we can grow in our relationships and support each other on the journey of faith.

Summer Sermon Series: The Teachings Of Peter

This summer we will be preaching through the letters of Peter.  The themes that come up in the letters of Peter are extremely important for the contemporary church.  Peter is often referred to as the Job of the New Testament.  He provides guidance for how we might live faithfully and hopefully in the midst of hardship.  Peter’s letter also explores how we can impact a secular and pluralistic world as we pursue a life of integrity and humility.

Spring Sermon Series Details: The Words of the Minor Prophets

This Easter season we will be studying the words of the minor prophets. Each week we will take a look at one of the prophets and explore the ways in which there words challenge and inspire us to live faithfully in our world. This series begins on April 27 and continues until June 8. Schedule: April 27: Hosea – “Ridiculous” May 4: Amos – “Uncomfortable” May 11: Micah – “Uncomfortable Again” May 18: Zephaniah – “Two Arms of God” May…