September 2022 Newsletter

September 2022 Newsletter

If you prefer to print the newsletter, you may download it here: Printable September 2022. Here is also a printable September calendar: 09 2022 Calendar

pastor’s perspective

“The 3 Rs”

By Dave Hendrickson, Lead Pastor

I am sure many of you remember the educational mantra of the “3 Rs”: Reading, Writing and Arithmetic.” I thought it was odd that it was called the three Rs when two of the words did not even begin with “R”, (I do get that it’s using the contracted versions of ‘Riting and ‘Rithmetic!) but the mantra seemed to work. Even now, several decades removed from the educational system, I still use the mantra with my own children, reminding them that these basic educational tools will help them for the rest of their lives.

As many of our students and families begin to prepare for a new school year, I would like to redefine the 3Rs. Not only will these 3Rs help families and students, I also believe they will help all of us. But before I share with you the redefined mantra, let’s take a quick look at Jesus’ life.

And rising very early in the morning, while it was still dark, he departed and went out to a desolate place, and there he prayed. And Simon and those who were with him searched for him, and they found him and said to him, “Everyone is looking for you.” And he said to them, “Let us go on to the next towns…” Luke 1:35-38

It was common for Jesus to go off by himself whether to the mountain, desolate place, or quiet place. What was it that he did in these places? He went there to pray and spend time with the father. According to Matthew (chapter 17), Peter, James, and John experienced this practice of Jesus firsthand. They went with Jesus, witnessed his interaction with the father, (Moses, and Elijah)! Do you remember Peter’s response? “Jesus! This is a good place to be! Let me build some tents for us and we can stay here and live ‘happily ever after’!”

What do we learn from Jesus’ life concerning 3Rs? What’s the redefined mantra? Here’s my suggestion…
Rhythm – “early in the morning…he went out to a desolate place”
Routine – “there he prayed”
Relationship – “everyone is looking for you…Let us go on to the next towns”

As much as I appreciate having my boys at home during the summer, I always like the beginning of school, not because they are out of the house, but because it reestablishes the 3Rs: Rhythm, Routine, and Relationships.

The set rhythms of times: wake up, school day, dinner, extracurricular activities, bedtime.
The routines within the rhythms: classes, homework, family dinner around the table, soccer practices, community service, etc.
The relationships created by the routines: classmates, family, team, the community, etc.

Can you identify the 3Rs in your life?

Jesus’ rhythm of the desolate place, mountain, or quiet place made way for his routine of praying and being with the father which then created opportunity to build relationship with not only his father, but also with his disciples, and the peoples in the towns.

As you identify the 3Rs in your life, I would invite you to also take inventory of the 3Rs concerning your spiritual life.

What are your spiritual rhythms of time: daily and weekly?
What spiritual routines do you practice during those times: worship, prayer, study, etc.?
What relationships are being created, strengthened, or possibly changed because of the spiritual rhythm and routine?

I want to invite you to think about where you would like to participate in the 3Rs at LvCC this fall. We have some great opportunities beginning with our Fall Kick-Off!

Sunday, September 11th during and after the service.
Blessings of the Backpacks: when we pray for all those returning to school
Kick-Off Picnic on the green after the service

Sunday, September 18th 8:45 – 9:45am the beginning of Discipleship Time
Children, Youth, and Adults

Numerous Bible Studies, Women’s and Men’s Groups, Small Groups

Call Caleb in the church office for information concerning any of these opportunities.

elder meeting highlights

Lorraine Little opened with a devotional from 1 Samuel 24 about the relationship of Saul and David, and how even though they had differences, David honored Saul and trusted God for judgment.

Sean Kelly shared comments about the July Financials by Jaime Boaglio who was out of town. The loss of $7,167 for July was partly due to carpet cleaning and a new water heater. There were also some out of the ordinary expenses related to bringing in the two pastoral candidates.

Randy Sundberg explained that the condensate lines project is progressing. He also mentioned that the floor in the FISH storage area has been replaced, and David Wolff is building window well covers to help with water issues.

The Elders approved a facility use request by NCFCA to use our building for a Christian debate tournament in January 2023.

Sarah Rundell reported that the Bylaws Update team have met twice already to discuss potential changes. They are keeping notes of the suggested changes and plan to have a proposed revised version of the Bylaws available 60 days prior to the Annual Congregational Meeting.

Dave shared the results of the staff discussion about the calendar for Sept 2022 through June 2023. He hopes we will develop seasonal rhythms for ministries. There will be a Fall Kick Off/Blessing of the Backpacks and picnic on Sept 11, and beginning Sept 18 Discipleship Time will begin at 8:45. Caleb has developed a scope and sequence for Adult Discipleship including classes, membership class, and Advent family activities.

The Elders were assigned as liaisons to specific staff members for support and communication.

The History team is looking into having new frames made for the ten decades posters at an estimated cost of $2100. They propose to pay for them with $300 from the Centennial Celebration budget, $300 from History team designated fund, and $1,500 from the General Fund. The Elders approved a motion to authorize $1500 be spent, either from a designated fund or the General Fund, to pay for the frames.

The Trustees recommended Josh Dailey as a new Trustee for a three year term. The Elders approved the request.

The next Elders business meeting is scheduled for Sept 20, 2022 at 7pm in the Journey Room.

bereavement support group

By Elizabeth Jacobsen, Lay Counseling Coordinator

Have you experienced the death of a loved one recently or in the past and still have feelings of sadness, confusion, physically and emotionally exhausted, and feeling it is time to understand grief and the grieving process? We are here to help you on this journey and  to give you support and permission to grieve. A Bereavement Support Group will begin on Thursday, September 22nd for four weeks from 6:00 – 8:00 PM in the Counseling Center. Dr. Stephen Meharg and Elizabeth Jacobsen will be the facilitators of the group sessions assisted by Lay Counselors. The support group is open to the church family and friends of the community. However, there is a limit of 20 so it is necessary to register for the class and have a notebook saved for you. There are brochures available at the Welcome Center. To register, you need to call Elizabeth Jacobsen at 360-577-1059 and leave your name, address, and e-mail so we can confirm your reservation. May God bring peace and comfort as we go through our grief together.



youth: “plugged in”

By Nathaniel Duscha, Youth Pastor

I can’t believe school is starting! It feels like this summer went by so fast. We had a great summer full of awesome events and gatherings. This last month was such a fun way to wrap up the summer. At the beginning of August, we went down to Vancouver to go to Sky Zone. I quickly realized it’s not so easy to keep up with a bunch of high schoolers in a trampoline park. Then we had a movie night down in the youth room and watched the Chronicles of Narnia. To wrap up the year we spent a day in Seaside hanging out on the beach, walking around the shops, playing games in the arcade, and finally sitting down to have dinner together at Fultano’s. To end the summer, we got together with several other youth groups in town to kick off the school year with a burger bash at the lake! I always love getting together with the other youth groups in town to put on these events and bring the youth of Longview together!

As much fun as we had this summer, I’m really excited to get back into our routine of weekly youth gatherings to spend time in fellowship and dig deep into the Word of God. We are kicking off this school year with a series out of Hebrews. In this series we will be discussing our faith and how to put that faith into action. If you would like to follow along with what we will be learning in youth group, our curriculum will be coming out in our weekly LvCC Youth updates. Click here to sign up to receive our weekly updates!

missing items?

Are you missing a vase, platter, bowl, or other dish? Kids jacket, a hat, sunglasses, mug? These items were left around the church during the past several months. They will be on display on a table in the Lobby through Sunday, Sept. 18; after that they will be donated to a thrift store. Please claim your item, or call the church office to hold it until you are able to come in to claim it. Thank you!

children’s workers meeting

There will be a meeting for all Children’s Ministry workers on the evening of Monday, Sept 12, time TBD. Also, leaders and substitutes are still needed during Discipleship Time and Children’s Church. Please contact Lorinda Christianson at 503-250-4095 if you can help!


By Karen Pickett, History Team

As we enter our 100th anniversary year, I wanted to share with you an original poem/anthem written by long-time LVCC member, now deceased, Charlene Krause. Written in honor of the 75th anniversary of the church, whose theme was “Living the Vision: 75 Years,” Charlene composed it for the Temple Singers for presentation in one of the Sunday worship services.

Charlene Krause


R.A. Long, who planned our town
Also planned our church,
With Gebert’s help, both Ed and Ruth
The vision had its birth.

Worship God, here and now
Especially in your heart.
Be thankful that we have this place
A sacred place apart.

That vision really touched their hearts,
A unity to find
For Longview’s hungry rank and file
their goal was of one mind.

A place for all to worship God
In faith and harmony.
The dream took work and time and prayer
And camaraderie.

In the quiet of the night
And hubbub of the day
The vision soon would come to life
With God to show the way.

The living vision of our Christ
Took roots so long ago
75 long years have passed
For us to learn and know.

That many leaders kept that dream
Alive to weave the thread
The scripture shows so clearly
The taste of living bread.

this and that

The Centennial Committee will resume monthly meetings on Sunday, Sept. 18 in the Fireside Room at 11:30. A lot has been happening with the community’s Centennial plans and they are very compatible with our October celebration timeline. Anyone in our church family is welcomed to join. The committee is led by Dennis and Kris McElroy Weber. See you Sept 18!

“A Night in Tuscany”, the Women Together quarterly event for all women, will be Friday, Sept 16 from 6-9pm in the Youth Room. Sign up here Potluck Sign Up to bring an Italian entrée, salad, or dessert. We’ll be watching “Under the Tuscan Sun”. Join us!

There are three new studies for women starting in September! “Jesus and Women”, led by Valerie Stein, begins Thursday, Sept 8 at 9:30am in the Youth Room. “Hearing God”, led by Patty Howland, will begin Wednesday, Sept 14 at 7pm via Zoom. Please purchase your book for either study prior to the first session. Also, Tuesday Sisters will resume on Sept 20 at 1pm at the home of Cec Conner. They will be studying the book of Matthew. More info and ordering links available on the Women’s Ministry page of the website here! Women’s Ministry Page

Pardon Our Dust! As we enter into our Fall schedule and activities resume in and around the Fellowship Hall, please be aware that construction is happening in the ceiling area as we replace some piping for our Sanctuary heating system. We will make every effort to keep tools and materials safely placed out of the way and to have the Fellowship Hall ready for Sunday mornings. Also, the City has begun replacing the sidewalks around the church. Some areas may be temporarily closed for safety. Please be careful. Thank you for your patience and consideration!

Don’t forget the SAM (Senior Adult Ministry) trip to see the melodrama “Shanghaied in Astoria” presented by the Astor Street Opry Company in Astoria, Oregon on Sept. 4. The cost of $20 will cover gas and admission. The group will go out to dinner together afterwards. Plan to bring a sack lunch and meet after church at 11:30am.

There will be a Memorial Service for Lavita Hooker on Sept 8 at 1pm in the Steele Chapel at Longview Memorial Park.

There will be a Memorial Service for Ted Palin on Oct 1 at 11am in the Steele Chapel at Longview Memorial Park.

If you are interested in joining the volunteer Office Team, to answer the phone, open the door, and assist office visitors during Patty’s vacations and other times when she needs to be out of the office, please call the Church
Office at 360-423-6380 for more info. Training will be provided. Thank you!

The SAM committee is collecting blankets for the kids at St Helens Elementary. Some of the kids are sleeping in cars and the cold months are coming! Any new or gently used blanket would be appreciated. And for every blanket donated, SAM will purchase another up to 50! Please bring to the basket in the Lobby during the month of September.

The Missions team recently prepared about 300 sandwiches for the students and families from St Helens Elementary School attending a special event with motivational speaker Shawn Harper.


To honor our most senior members and attenders, we will be listing their birthdays each month using the records in our database. If you or someone you know is 90+ years of age and has an upcoming birthday, please contact the Church Office by the 20th of the prior month so we may be sure to include it!
Sept 11 Clara Ralph 91
Sept 14 Jim Conrod 92

St Helens Elementary School

YTD EXPENSE:               $309,889
DIFFERENCE:                  -$42,475