June 2022 Newsletter

June 2022 Newsletter

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pastor’s perspective

“Deconstruction within church…”

By Dave Hendrickson, Lead Pastor

“For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven: a time to break down, and a time to build up” Ecclesiastes 3

As a pastor, one of my responsibilities is to be aware of what is happening in culture (media, politics, music, athletics, entertainment, etc.). It is important for the church to be aware of culture, like Paul in Athens (Acts 17). When we understand culture, we understand how to share the gospel in that environment.

Besides being aware of the “worldly” culture, we need to be observant of the Christian/church culture (theology, worship Styles, traditions, leadership, practices, doctrines, etc.). Even though LvCC might not align ourselves with certain church cultures, we are affected by what is happening within the global Christian culture.

Currently, in mainstream (evangelical) church culture there is a term which is being used as people (typically established church goers) try to understand how they fit within the church. The term or concept is not necessarily new to the church, but recently it has come to the forefront of many church attenders. The term is “deconstruction”. This article articulates “deconstruction” and its different nuances. https://www.desiringgod.org/articles/what-does-deconstruction-even-mean (If you receive the digital copy click the link. If you need a paper copy please contact the church office.)

What does “deconstruction” have to do with LvCC? I believe all of us in one form or another are experiencing “deconstruction”. Plus, whatever happens in the global church, now affects how people view a local church, like LvCC. Here are some areas/events contributing to deconstruction within the global and local church:

Worship Styles (Traditional/Contemporary/Liturgical/Charismatic)
The role/view of the pastor (church leaders)
Cover up of abusive church leaders
How people dress
Disconnect within the church, preaching the gospel message of grace and love, and then ignoring social issues
Vocabulary (narthex, lobby, sanctuary, worship center, etc)
Lifestyle of church leaders
Biblical authority (who can read, interpret, and share from scripture)
Plus…many more topics

Not only are many of us in one way or another experiencing deconstruction, but those outside of the church are deconstructing their perceptions of church and transferring them onto the local church. The church like many other “institutions” is now global (due to the creation of social media and the internet). Therefore, events/issues that happen in a church in England, Australia, or China, affect how people view the local church.

With all this being said, I invite us to come together this summer to become more aware of deconstruction within the church. Whether you find yourself deconstructing or not, this opportunity will allow us to have open, honest, and a respectful place to share our thoughts and feelings. As I have mentioned before, if we as followers of Jesus cannot “love one another” within our own community, how will we be able to share and “express his unconditional love to our neighbors”?

Discussion “Deconstruction within Church”
Beginning Sunday, June 26th 9am at Longview Community Church

But that’s not all…

As much as deconstruction is needed at times, so is construction. Therefore, our summer sermon series will help us build upon what we “Believe”. We will take a close look at the Apostles’ Creed and the scriptures in which the creed is rooted. Over the centuries the Apostles’ Creed has stood the test of time and cultures and has been foundational for the global Christian Church.

Sermon Series “Believe”
Beginning Sunday, June 26th 10am at Longview Community Church

Please consider joining us at LvCC (and even invite a friend) on Sunday mornings for our new summer

elder meeting highlights

At the May 17 Elders meeting, Dave opened in prayer and then shared from Mt 6:33 that the job of Elders is to seek first the kingdom of God and serve Him, then love and serve the church. He encouraged the Elders to be sensitive to God’s leading, to ponder it and share with the other Elders how they feel God is leading. The Elders then spent several minutes praying together

Jaime Boaglio shared that we were in the black in April by $865. This is partially because the Missions payments have been moved to quarterly payments (so none were paid out in April). Tech was a little high due to some extra purchases. Payroll remains low because of not yet hiring for a new person. Property was high compared to budget because of extra work done in January and also winter utilities costs.

The Elders elected new officers for 2022-23. They are Norm Krehbiel, Chairman, Patrick Allen, Vice Chairman, Susie Kirkpatrick, Secretary and Sean Kelly, Treasurer.

They also created a new Personnel Committee led by Patrick Allen (as Vice Chair of Elders), Susie Kirkpatrick and Lorraine Little. Former Elder, Steve Meharg, will continue as Chair of the Discipleship and Community Life Pastor search team until that task is completed.

Norm suggested forming a Bylaws Review Committee to go through the Bylaws and make suggested changes to present at the next Annual Meeting. Sarah Rundell, Elizabeth McMullan and Sean Kelly volunteered to serve on this committee.

Norm shared that the agreement with TRIHOP was acceptable to Ian Rutherford, who prepared a memorandum of understanding which was signed on Thursday, May 19. Ian requested there be an Elder contact who is familiar with the facilities. Randy Sundberg offered to be that person. The agreement was set to continue through April 2023, regardless of when they start. The Elders may offer an extended contract in October 2022 and/or negotiate a new arrangement. If there is not agreement, the contract would terminate on April 30, 2023. LvCC will still be able to use the Chapel for events determined in advance, such as VBS, weddings, and memorial services.

Dave shared that on May15, the Discipleship and Community Life Pastor search team met with the two leading candidates, to follow up with them on essays they had submitted. There were no major concerns with either candidate. The next step is doing background and reference checks. After that, if there are no red flags, the candidates will each be invited to come spend a weekend at LvCC.

youth: “plugged in”

By Nathaniel Duscha, Youth Pastor

Summer is right around the corner! As the school year wraps up, I want to make sure you are up to date on what is happening this summer within the youth ministry. For the summer, we will be on an every other week schedule. One week we will meet in the youth room as normal, and the following week we will have an off site event. You can see the full schedule of events on our youth ministry page at www.longviewcommunitychurch.org/youth/.

Now is the time to get registered for the Dunes! Summer camp is a great time to get away, hang out with friends, and most importantly, grow closer to God. I am super excited for the Dunes this year and I would love to see all of our students attend. If you are not yet registered for camp, head on over to www.dunesbiblecamp.com to get registered! Be sure to select the correct age group and sign up for the “Cowlitz County Partnership” option on their site. If you are interested in a scholarship to help pay for camp, please contact me by calling the church office or emailing me at nathaniel@longviewcommunitychurch.org.

We are starting a new teaching series that will lead us into the summer! This series is called “Royals”. In this series, we will be taking a look at some kings in the Old Testament and learning through their failures and successes that when you make mistakes, God can help make things right; when you think you know best, be humble instead; when you’re not sure who to listen to, ask God for guidance; and when obedience is difficult, stay close to Jesus. Scan the QR code to get more information on our teaching series!






By Sarah Fix, Director of Children’s Ministry

Another month of Kid’s ministry almost in the books! May was busy as usual. Between preparation for Mother’s Day, the annual meeting, the women’s retreat, and many VBS details, I have been busy! The kids were great sports answering fun questions about their mommas in front of a little photo backdrop for Mother’s Day videos! Thanks to Matt Avalon and Kaylina Smith for helping me out with this idea and blessing moms with a memorable video of their kid(s)!

I am so grateful for our many volunteers that have such servant hearts and truly help keep children’s ministry running successfully! Shout out to Rick Little and Jay Holland for holding down the fort (and having dodgeball fun!) while I was at the women’s retreat getting some much-needed R&R!

We also had our first VBS meeting on the 19th and got to sort out some details together and PRAY for our VBS coming up! There are lots of details still coming together, but overall, I see God’s hand in the many ways he’s providing every step of the way! T-shirts have been decided on and ordered, and I’m LOVING the designs this year! If you would like to be involved in VBS in ANY capacity (before, during, or cleanup after), please reach out to me!

We have a decorating party on Saturday, June 4th at 9:30 and would LOVE to see you there. It doesn’t take much (if any) artistic talent to participate in decorating. We need YOU and your gifts as part of the body of Christ in this awesome ministry for kids all around our community. Be on the lookout on social media and in the announcements for how to donate snacks, supplies, time, resources, etc. Looking forward to an awesome June together!



women’s news

By Patty Howland, Women’s Ministry Team Leader

Several women were challenged and encouraged at the recent “Royal” Women’s Retreat with guest speakers Summer Shore and Melissa Campbell! They experienced special times of worship, reflection, discussion, encouragement and fun! The weather was beautiful, allowing for boating, mini-golf and nature walks during the free time, and a campfire in the evening on Saturday. More photos are posted on the Women’s page of the church website. Women’s PageThank you to photographer Valerie Stein!

The women’s Bible studies have finished for this year, but be watching for info about possible opportunities to gather with other women during the summer! Also, more info about the studies next Fall will be in the August newsletter.

















this and that

July 4 Sanctuary Tours and Organ Concert
The History Team will be conducting tours of the Sanctuary again this year. The 20 minute tours will begin at 1pm on the 4th, with a break at 2:30 for a 30 minute Organ Concert by Linda Monahan. The tours will resume after the concert at 3:15 and continue until 4:15. If you have any questions, please contact the Church Office.

Daily Bread We have the regular print size for June/July/August and the large print for July/August/September in the Church Office. You may stop by to get a copy or call the Office if you would like to have one mailed to you.

Jackie is still here! Our Bookkeeper, Jackie Erickson, has agreed to continue working, with a flexible schedule. Although she will not be working specific days or hours, if you need to meet with Jackie, call the Church Office and Patty will contact Jackie to set an appointment for you.

SAM (Senior Adult Ministry) team will have their regular meeting on Tuesday, June 14 at 9:30am in the Chapel. They will host a viewing and discussion of the next episode of The Chosen: Season 1 in the Chapel at 2pm on June 15th. Ice cream sundaes will be provided!

Dear Church Family…

To the members and staff of LvCC,
We thank you from the deepest places of our hearts for helping us celebrate Cordon’s life on May 7. It felt so right to be in our former church with so many of you there. I’m pretty sure Cordon was enjoying all the love brought forth in cookies, people in the church, people at home watching the service and the beautiful thoughts all around. His family sure did.
Thank you for extending so much love to us, The Bittner Family

Thank you to all the Longview Community Church people for their help, kindness and wonderful care. I became a member of LvCC at the age of 12 and it still feels like home.
Much love, Lynn Cranston and family

Dear All at Longview Community Church,
We have been blessed beyond all measure  by all our friends at LVCC. From flowers to cards to meals, we thank you so much.
Blessings to each of you in return, Dan and Liz Durben

90+ Birthdays This Month

To honor our most senior members and attenders, we will be listing their birthdays each month using the records in our database. If you or someone you know is 90+ years of age and has an upcoming birthday, please contact the Church Office by the 20th of the prior month so we may be sure to include it!

June 7    George Hext  93
June 27  Grace Reynolds  96

The Ragsdales with
TransWorld Radio in Cyprus

YTD INCOME: $164,741
YTD EXPENSES: $169,331