May 2022 Newsletter

May 2022 Newsletter

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pastor’s perspective


By Dave Hendrickson, Lead Pastor

Day by day,
Dear Lord, of thee three things I pray:
To see thee more clearly,
Love thee more dearly,
Follow thee more nearly,
Day by day.

I am sure many of you recognize the familiar words to the folk-rock song which was performed in the musical Godspell. It also reached the top of the Billboard hits back in the early ‘70s (before a certain pastor was even born!). For some of our younger friends, you might recognize the words from a certain 2004 comedy film in which Greg (Ben Stiller) prays these words before a meal at his fiancées house.

Did you know the original words come from a 13th century prayer? English Bishop, Richard of Chichester (say that three times fast) is attributed to writing this prayer:

Thanks be to Thee, my Lord Jesus Christ
For all the benefits Thou hast given me,
For all the pains and insults Thou hast borne for me.
O most merciful Redeemer, friend and brother,
May I know Thee more clearly,
Love Thee more dearly,
Follow Thee more nearly.

I believe PRAYER should be a priority in our lives as followers of Jesus! It was so important to the early disciples that they specifically ask Jesus to teach them “how to pray” (Luke 11). Just recently, we looked at Romans 8 where Paul tells us there are times we might not even know what words to pray. Therefore, all we can do is groan.

So, what does 24/7 have to do with prayer? Did you know there is a ministry here in Longview whose purpose and mission is simply to pray? Their long-term vision is to offer a place for local congregations, community members, and anyone who wants to, to come together 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for prayer. How great it would be to know there are people “praying without ceasing” (I Thessalonians 5:17) here in Longview!

Three Rivers House of Prayer (TRiHOP) is a ministry which has been praying for Longview, Kelso, and the Southwest Region of Washington since 2007. Currently, TRiHOP meets regularly on several evenings during the week at Rainier Assemblies of God Church. As much as they appreciate the cooperation of Rainier Assemblies of God, TRiHOP believes their ministry should be based in Longview. Over the past few months, I have gotten to know Ian Rutherford and several of the leaders of TRiHOP. The more we talked, the more I began to wonder, through prayer and discussion, if LvCC could resource TRiHOP with a space to meet in Longview. So, in January I invited Ian to come and share with the Elders about TRiHOP and their ministry. After Ian’s presentation, I asked the Elders to pray and ask God if LvCC could offer a space for TRiHOP to meet and do ministry.

Over the past four months, several of the Elders have attended TRiHOP to get a sense of how they go about their ministry, and have been praying, thinking, and discussing about inviting TRiHOP to use Gebert Chapel for their events. Currently, a small team of Elders is working with TRiHOP leadership to craft a Facilities Use Agreement. It is my prayer and hope that we, as a church, will be able to welcome TRiHOP.

I have been personally blessed several times by TRiHOP’s ministry. As a church we have been blessed by Ian when he preached while I was away. Yes, TriHop might look and sound a little different than what we at LvCC might be used to, with a different worship style, songs, and prayers spoken out loud, but I know they love and serve the Lord!

Inviting ministries to use our facilities is nothing new to LvCC. Other ministries that use LvCC facilities to support and run their vision and missions are FISH, MOPS, Renewal City Church youth group, Kelso/Longview Ministerial Association, and several other ministries.

I believe by offering a place for TRiHOP to do ministry we stay true to our name, “Community” Church! LvCC is a place where the “community” is blessed by Jesus and his Kingdom!

elder meeting highlights

At the April 19 Elders meeting, Jaime Boaglio shared that March was a good month with Income $8122 over expenses. One of the elders commented that they hope the staff will feel more comfortable to actually use their budgets for ministry and not be overly concerned about being stringent. Jaime also handed out a list of proposed capital projects, and funding for those projects, including the steam condensate lines, sanctuary projectors, and sanctuary doors.

Bob Gaston shared a Donor’s Report that he has been compiling every couple of years since 1991. He expressed his appreciation for Dave’s interest about it. The report indicated that the majority of donors are 70+ years old, although the highest average per group is from those in their 40s. There have been eight new regular donors in 2020-2021. More details about the report will be shared at the upcoming Annual Congregational Meeting on May 15.

The Elders have been in prayer and discussion regarding allowing TRiHOP (Three Rivers International House of Prayer) to use our Chapel for their ministry. They decided to take a step of faith and move forward with designing a facility use agreement that will be acceptable to all concerned.

Steve Meharg shared that the Personnel Committee has interviewed a series of candidates for the Discipleship and Community Life Pastor position. They hope to narrow down to the top two, at which point they will discuss with the Elders regarding in-person visits.

Sean Kelly shared that the Nominating Committee is working at finalizing their nominations for the open Nominating Committee and Elder positions and are optimistic about the candidates they are considering.

Dave shared that the projectors that were originally ordered are no longer available. The alternatives presented were either not as good or more expensive. However, Nathaniel Duscha was able to negotiate to get the better projectors at the same price! One projector has arrived, the other is on backorder. They will be installed when everything has arrived.

The Elders discussed the Easter services, and some of the highlights were that it was a good mix of old and new, Dave’s choice of message was relatable to people who might have issues with the church, people enjoyed hearing the choir sing, and several liked the two scripture format which Dave has decided to continue.





youth: “plugged in”

By Nathaniel Duscha, Youth Pastor

As we get closer and closer to the end of the school year, I’m getting more and more excited for everything we have planned for this summer as a youth ministry! Below this article, you will see our completed summer schedule. These events are going to be awesome! If you are a middle or high schooler, or you know one, be sure to check out this schedule and keep these events on your radar! There will also be printed versions in the lobby on Sunday mornings if you would like one.

One of those super fun events we have planned for this summer is the Dunes Bible Camp! I absolutely love the Dunes and it is going to be a great time this year so be sure to get you or your teen registered! You can scan the QR code or go to Be sure to register for the Cowlitz County Partnership camp! If you have any questions about camp or about getting registered, please contact me! We have scholarships available for camp as well. If you are interested in a scholarship to go to camp, let me know.

If you have any questions about our summer schedule, summer camp, or camp scholarships, please contact me either by email or by calling the church office.



By Sarah Fix, Director of Children’s Ministry

Things are going well in kids’ ministry! God has been moving on my own behalf with VBS preparation and pulling fun things together for our kids despite a week of a bad cold this month and the busyness of my life with two kiddos and entering my third trimester of pregnancy. I often pray that God will use my weakness for His glory and that if He wants something to happen, that He will give me the strength to be used by Him. He has been doing that! I’ve been encouraged this month to see the excitement around VBS and our kid’s ministry in general. So, thank you for being involved. There is still much to be done, but I am praying and trusting it will all come together beautifully to further the Kingdom!






This past month we took a break on Palm Sunday from our regular curriculum for discipleship time and celebrated a little bit! We joined all the kids together upstairs in the large room and worshipped, watched an awesome video about Jesus entering Jerusalem and I followed it up with some questions to help them learn. We talked a little bit about Holy week, Easter, and ways we could all worship God throughout the week. We played “pin Jesus on the donkey” and spread out “coats” and palm branches! The kids had a yummy snack and had fun with some “Hosanna” themed crafts. It was a great time! I love sharing the love of Jesus with these kids- “for to such belongs the Kingdom of God” (Luke 18:16).


“Thomas A. Catt Goes gothic”

By Sandy Rountree, History Team

Thomas A. Catt had been cooped up inside the church all winter because of the weather. He had kept busy, though, watching Randy and Mary paint the Fellowship Hall, and they and others working on various projects around the building. He tried to help them but didn’t want to get paint on his beautiful white fur. And the dust they stirred up made him sneeze. His mother, Allie, and his best friend, Jerome A. Rodenti, were coming to visit. He needed to make sure things were ready and presentable for them.

Thom decided the inside, with all the work that had been done, was good so he headed outside to check on things. A work party had cleaned the flower beds, and he was happy with how it looked, especially after the snow and rain.

But then he happened to look up at the tower entrance off Kessler Blvd and noticed that the word Church in “Community Church” was misspelled. It read “Community Churrh.” He went to check the Washington Way side. The same misspelling was there. He was quite perplexed as to how such a mistake could have been made when the church was built and not corrected after all these years. He saw it was a fancy script and thought he would ask about it.

Going inside, he asked Patty if she knew anything about the script and the misspelled word. She told him the church was built in the Gothic style and that the lettering was also Gothic. Thom decided it was time to do some research on Gothic lettering.

Thom discovered that Gothic lettering was quite fancy and not as easy to write as what we use now. Once he saw a picture of the lettering in a book and looked closely at the lettering on the Tower, he saw the difference and learned the word “Church” was not misspelled. He was happy to know things were looking good for his visitors and he could now point out to them the fancy Gothic lettering. But first, he had to read his daily paper, Paws Alert, and take a nap after all his hard work.

fish report

By Sally Browne and Peggy Reibe, Co-Chairpersons

March 28 through April 1, 2022, FISH served 139 families consisting of 292 adults and 209 children. This included 13 families experiencing homelessness. our total cost was only $4,050.  Most of the food distributed was donated to us by FISH of Cowlitz County, CAP and Food Lifeline. This time we added cheese, toothpaste, ketchup, mustard, and salt & pepper to our menu.

Please check your shelves for unopened food or paper products that you will not use. FISH will pass them on to food insecure families. We can also use paper and plastic bags. There are FISH donation boxes located throughout the church. Years ago, we collected empty plastic containers, but we no longer use these.

We have a wonderful dedicated crew of volunteers, but we could use a few more. We especially need people to pick up and unload groceries Monday of FISH week and Thursdays midday. A volunteer shift commitment can be as little as one 3-hour shift. Please contact Lisa Som at 360-431-9686 if you would like to be a part of this fun and rewarding ministry.

this and that

The Annual Congregational Meeting will be after church on Sunday, May 15. Staff reports will be shared and we will vote on the proposed new Nominating Committee members and Elders. The slates of nominees are:
Susie Kirkpatrick (2nd term)
Lorraine Little
Elizabeth McMullan

Nominating Committee:
Julie O’Connor (2nd year)
Ben West (2nd year)
Mary Gronseth (1st year)
Mary Sundberg (1st year)

Cowlitz Chaplaincy Benefit and Auction  will be on May 14 from 5:30-8:30pm at the Cowlitz Event Center. The theme is “James Bond-Ready to Serve”. Keynote speaker will be Amy Wolff (founder of the Don’t Give Up Signs Movement). Our Missions team has purchased a table and would like people to fill the seats (no charge!). Please contact Shannon Inman at 360-636-0289 if you would like to attend. If you have an item or service you would like to donate for the auction, contact Paul Bricknell at 360-751-2644.

There will be a Sound Board Training on Thursday May 12 from 5:30-8:30pm in the Sanctuary. This is for current techs and everyone (including youth!) interested in learning how to operate the sound board. Contact Nathaniel Duscha at for more information.

Join us “Sharing Our Love for One Another” and attend the luncheon sponsored by the Ruth Circle on Wednesday, May 11 at Noon in the Fellowship Hall. There will be a baked potato bar for $4 per person, and the guest speakers will be three couples from our church sharing their stories. Everyone is invited!

Upcoming Memorial Services:
May 7-Cordon Bittner, 2pm, Sanctuary
May 22-Dwight Cranston, 1pm, Sanctuary
June 4-Jean Turner, 1pm at Canterbury Park

Several items have been turned in to the Office Lost and Found over the past couple of months including a water bottle, pair of glasses, pair of sunglasses, and a woman’s ring. Please call the Office or stop by if you think one of these items might belong to you.



SAM (Senior Adult Ministry) team will have their regular meeting on Tuesday, May 10 at 9:30am in the Chapel. They will continue to host a monthly viewing of The Chosen: Season 1 in the Chapel at 2pm on the following dates:
May 18
June 15
July 13
August 17
Popcorn and beverages will be provided!

The Church Office hours have changed. It will now be closed for lunch between 12-1pm. The Office will be open Monday through Thursday from 9am-12pm and 1pm-4:30pm. It is closed on Friday.

New Exhibit in Fellowship Hall display case! Stop by and take a look at the Missions projects we supported in 2021. Odetta Yeager has prepared a very attractive and informative exhibit and has also updated the Staff display.

90+ Birthdays This Month
To honor our most senior members and attenders, we will be listing their birthdays each month using the records in our database. If you or someone you know is 90+ years of age and has an upcoming birthday, please contact the Church Office by the 20th of the prior month so we may be sure to include it!
May 21  Nellie Anagnostou (92)
May 28  Everett Walker (92)

YTD INCOME:                $125,410
YTD EXPENSE:              $130,799
DIFFERENCE:                   -$5,389

(in the name of Christ)