October 2020 Newsletter

October 2020 Newsletter

If you prefer to print the newsletter, you may download it here: Printable Oct 2020 Here is also a printable October calendar: 10 2020 Calendar

Pastor’s Perspective

“Love Unto Others”

By Dave Hendrickson, Lead Pastor

I am not sure about you, but for me, I am starting to become weary, tired, and somewhat calloused with where we are as a collective community, culture, and country. Not only have we been dealing with COVID-19 longer than I think many of us expected, those of us with school age children are dealing with “online” learning. As a region, we have had to deal with the smoke of forest fires from Oregon, California, and Washington and we are quickly approaching the rainy season! There is civil unrest in both Portland and Seattle! Besides all of that…we as a country are entering a hotly contested election.

Therefore, with all that being said, it seems like more people feel “justified” to express their frustrations, anger, hurts, and dare I say it, hate towards certain situations, events, and even people! Personally, over the past few weeks, I have heard, and read in articles, blogs, Facebook posts, etc. these “justifiable” comments from both non-Christians and Christians alike!

Trust me, I realize and do not want to invalidate how one is thinking and feeling during these times, but I am concerned on how we as followers of Jesus manifest or express those thoughts and feelings. As Paul says to the church in Corinth, “Just because something is technically legal doesn’t mean that it’s spiritually appropriate. If I went around doing whatever I thought I could get by with, I’d be a slave to my whims” (I Corinthians 6:12, The Message).

The question I am asking myself, as well as you, during these times is, “Will I allow these situations, circumstances, people to change the message of the gospel?” Remember, how is the message of the gospel taught, preached, shared? It is through your life and mine!

So, what are you saying to others while walking the lake? How are you treating people who stand in front or behind you in line at the grocery store? What are you posting on your Facebook feed? Sure, you technically can say, do, act in some of these ways legally, but do they express the gospel?

Jesus is clear…”Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who abuse you, speak kindly to those who ridicule you, listen and respect those who do not have the same opinion as you, do not try to yell louder than those yelling at you…And as you wish that others would do to you, do so to them.” (Luke 6:27-31, emphasis mine)

What is the gospel message during this time? LOVE! Considerate Love, Compassionate Love, Respectful Love, Sacrificial Love! “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the great and first commandment. And a second is like it: You shall love your neighbor as yourself.”

In the midst of our weary, tired, and calloused thoughts and feelings, are we as followers of Jesus expressing the gospel of LOVE?

Elder Meeting Highlights

During the Sept. 1 “vision” meeting, Patty Howland shared an update on potential new church logo designs. The Elders gave some input and Patty will report again at a later date. Dave discussed the “unique opportunity” we have in several areas and suggested several components of transition to consider including Purpose, Picture, Plan, Participation, and Pivot. The Elders also discussed the new Service Form and how to best communicate with the congregation about it.

At the business meeting on Sept. 16, there was more discussion about Memorials and using one of the current unresolved donations to purchase a portable hand-washing station for kitchen use. Randy Sundberg reported that the installation of the heating and cooling systems for the offices would begin Sept. 22. Dave gave an update on the new digital sound board that will also be installed the week of Sept. 22. The sound and video will be moved to the back of the sanctuary and enclosed in a specially built cabinet. Regan Coordes of Three Rivers Sound is handling the project.

The Compassion/Care team will host a Prayer Gathering on Oct. 7 (see below). Randy, from the Community team shared that small groups have begun and there are currently 5-6 house churches. ~ph

Prayer Gathering

Are you feeling a nudge to pray with others and be encouraged? Then come join us for a

Prayer Gathering
Wednesday, Oct. 7 at 7 p.m.
In the Sanctuary

Masks are required and social distancing will be observed. Space is limited. Please enter through rear Sanctuary doors. Call Sue or Denny Boaglio at 360-577-6295 with questions.


It’s OCTOBURGER! This month we supply hamburger for Community House on Broadway. They use about six pounds a day. You may give as much as you are comfortable giving. There are three options for helping:

  1. Take the burger to Community House.
  2. Bring the burger to the church kitchen to be delivered.
  3. Send a monetary contribution to LvCC indicating it is for OCTOBURGER and the meat will be purchased and delivered for you.
    If you have questions, please call Roberta Baird at 360-636-3848 and leave a message.

Youth: “Plugged In”

By Kyle Beasley, Interim Director of Youth

All of the programs and activities listed below are for those in middle school and high school (grades 6-12). The best way to stay informed with what is happening in our youth group is to sign up for our weekly email. Use this link to get signed up: https://longviewcommunitychurch.breezechms.com/form/PluggedInNews  Contact  Kyle Beasley, if you have any questions. (360)430-9701 or beasleywa@gmail.com.

ZOOM Youth Group—Wednesday, 7:00pm

Meet us on Zoom each week for  games, worship, and study of God’s Word online.  Our series for this month is True Story. We will be using some of our favorite Disney movies to talk about who we are and what we were created to do.

Youth Group LIVE—Sunday, 6:00pm-7:30pm

We are meeting in person, but we still need to follow the COVID-19 guidelines—masks, social distancing, and frequent hand washing. Please do not come if you are symptomatic (fever, cough, chills). We will be doing games, singing and hanging out IN PERSON!! We will be finishing our Family Feud series, and then start a new series called Us for Them.

Veteran’s Day Paintball—Wednesday, November 11, 9:00am-3:00pm

November 11 is a national holiday to honor the people who have served our nation in the military, therefore students do not have school that day. We are planning to spend the day at Woodland Paintball Action playing games like Capture the Flag, Zombie, and King of the Hill. The cost is $40. This includes field usage, game guide and referee, all gear (mask, marker, hopper, CO2) and 500 paintballs. An extra bag of 500 paintball is $10. Do not bring other paint or personal markers. Bring a sack lunch and wear clothes appropriate for the weather and being in the woods. There is a link to the sign up sheet below. You are welcome to bring friends, but there is a limit to the number of people who can participate. Don’t wait to sign up!




By Mary Gronseth, Interim Children’s Ministry Director

September is over and it is officially fall. I am excited as fall is my favorite season. I love the colors, the foggy mornings and miss the football games. It has been good to connect with families through porch drops and to check in to see how school is going. It is impressive to hear the great things going on in distance learning. Keep up the great work, families. Zoom continues on Saturday. We check in with each other, have a story or two and some prayer time. All children are welcome to join us. I’m trying to keep it light so it doesn’t feel like school. I do get it if your child(ren) are Zoomed out. If you are not getting the Zoom emails and want to have your kids join in, let me know and I would love to add you. Families be sure you are watching the Children’s Facebook page for the Guess How Many? You might win a fun prize.

ALL CHURCH PUMPKIN PATCH EVENT  Sunday, October 25 @ 11:30 Plan to join us on Sunday, October 25 for an All-Church trip to “THE PATCH” in Woodland. Admission is free and you can purchase pumpkins, go through a 5 acre corn maze ($5.00/adult, $3.00/children) or a free 1 acre maze. There will be food trucks, photo booth ops and lots of places to enjoy our beautiful PNW Fall. Masks are required. They are unable to provide wheelbarrows this year to carry pumpkins, but you are welcome to bring a wagon to carry any pumpkins you pick. They also have an amazing assortment of squash you can purchase. We hope to see all ages out there as we have an opportunity to connect outdoors. We will meet at the church at 11:30 if you want to caravan. We would love to know if you plan to join us. The Patch  612 Whalen Rd.  Woodland, WA  website:   avidgardener.webs.com

Library Notes 

By Dee Dalgarno, Library Director

The Church Library is currently open during the times the church office is open (except Wednesday morning). Just let them know when you buzz in that you wish to check out books from the library. Self check-out is simple and instructions are on the Check-Out Desk.

The newest addition to our library is the most recent book by Lauraine Snelling. A Blessing to Cherish is a follow-up/finale to the very popular Red River of the North series about Norwegian immigrants who home stead and build the town of Blessing, North Dakota. Those of you who have read the entire series are sure to enjoy it.

New Books are currently on display on the large round table inside the library. I have also set up a display on the card catalog of some of my personal favorites.

Our Church Library has a large selection of Fiction, Non Fiction, Biographies, and the Children’s Corner has many wonderful books and Veggie Tales videos. We even have a few movies on video.

Women’s Ministry News

By Patty Howland, Women’s Ministry Team Leader

There are several Bible studies and support/care groups for women just getting started so check them out and find one that suits your interests or needs. For more information or to join a group, please contact me at women@longviewcommunitychurch.org.


6:30 p.m. Monday Evening Women, “Jesus and Women”, begins Oct. 12 via Zoom for now
8:00 p.m. Community Bible Study, “One in a Million”, begins Oct. 5 via Zoom


1:00 p.m. Single Again support group, begins Oct. 13 in the Chapel
6:30 p.m. MOPS (1st and 3rd Tues), begins Oct. 6 in the Fellowship Hall; Moms only-no childcare


9:30 a.m. Community Bible Study, “One in a Million”, begins Oct. 1 in the Chapel
6:45 p.m. Soup Sisters, contemplation of Scripture, begins Oct. 1 in the Chapel

For more details, see the Women’s Ministry page on the church website.

This and That

The Large Print Our Daily Bread  devotionals for Oct/Nov/Dec are available in the Church Office. We also have the regular size for Sept/Oct/Nov. You may stop by the office to pick one up or call and we will mail it to you.

FISH Report for September
We served 165 orders-334 adults, 255 children. There were 11 homeless-17 adults and 8 children. Thank you to the parking lot crew, pickup and unloading, set up, and schedulers. It takes a large team to make this work–a BIG thank you to all of you!

Service Form
If you haven’t yet taken the opportunity to complete the online Service Form to indicate either how we may help you, or how you are willing to help others, please do so. Your information will be forwarded to the appropriate person and they will contact you with more details. You may access the form from the church website or here: https:longviewcommunitychurch.breezechms.com/form/ServiceForm

Dear Church Family:

Thank you for your many prayers and cards these past six months. Jim and I definitely felt your love and concern, and we experienced God’s sustaining grace, comfort and peace because of your faithful prayers!  I am grateful that Jim was strong enough at the end to say goodbye to family and friends, and that he passed peacefully and quickly at home.
God bless you, Patty Howland

Celebration of Life

There will be a private Celebration of Life service for Jim Howland on Oct. 10 at 2 p.m. The service will be available for viewing via the church’s Facebook Live page (same as for Sunday worship).

All-Church Pumpkin Patch Event

Meet at the church at 11:30 a.m. on Sunday, Oct. 25 to caravan to The Patch in Woodland. See the KidMin World Changers page for all the details!

Unique Way to Donate to Longview Community Church

If you have reached 70½ years in age and have an IRA, because of Covid-19 new Federal legislation (CARES Act), Required Minimum Distributions (RMD) are not required in 2020. However, if you still plan to take the distribution this year, you may benefit from donating all or a portion of your RMD to charity. By making a qualified charitable distribution (QCD), you may avoid paying tax on your RMD to the extent of the charitable distribution. Perhaps you would consider a gift to Longview Community Church. Check with your tax advisor for more details. Thank you for being an active and faithful member of our church community. By giving to Longview Community Church on a regular basis, you support our ministry and missions and show that our Church has a meaningful place in your heart.

for Community House on Broadway

YTD INCOME: $378,558
YTD EXPENSE: $437,523
DIFFERENCE: -$58,965