September 2020 Newsletter

September 2020 Newsletter

If you prefer to print the newsletter, you may download it here: Printable Sept 2020 Here is also a printable September calendar: 09 2020 Calendar

Pastor’s Perspective

“Anything but Normal”

By Dave Hendrickson, Lead Pastor

Anything but Normal, is how I would explain the past year!  Just take a moment and think back what was happening a year ago at LvCC…

New Lead Pastor
New Bylaws
New Elders

I am sure there were other things happening as well, but that list alone was enough for us as a church to work with as we moved forward.  Then came along COVID-19, Online Worship, Digital/Video Communication, Zoom Meetings, and most recently Phil’s transition.

Through all we have faced and experienced in the past year, I want to say how proud and excited I am to serve you, the LvCC community!  I can not express my gratitude to all of those who have encouraged, supported, and cheered me on during this first year of leadership.  Yes, it has been an adventure, but one I am excited to be on!

If you go back a year and read the article I wrote for the August 2019 Newsletter, I described how following Jesus was like a waterslide I used to ride.  I would never know which way the slide was going to turn, dip, or drop, but I screamed, closed my eyes, and enjoyed the ride!  Guess what?! We are still on the ride of “following Jesus”!

As we look ahead though, I am sure many of you are asking what’s next, where are we going?

I would like to let you know that I, along with the staff and Elders, are praying for God’s guidance and direction!  We realize this is a time of “Unique Opportunities” for us as a church.  Unique Opportunities for ministries, missions, and staffing.

Therefore, as we navigate the uncertainty of what is happening in our society and the opportunities at LvCC, we firmly place our eyes on the Lord.  In Jeremiah, the Lord reminds us, “I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

So please continue to pray for the staff and Elders as we continue on the ride of following Jesus into this new school year!

Elder Meeting Highlights

During the August 4 vision meeting, the Elders discussed how best to communicate the decision to postpone in-person worship until at least the end of October. They then discussed several potential new ways to increase connection opportunities within the congregation.

At the August 18 business meeting, the Elders agreed to update the Approved Memorial Gift List so that the Memorials committee may finalize several donations that have not yet been resolved.

Randy Sundberg presented three proposals for the installation of HVAC in the administrative offices and the Elders approved proceeding with the installation. Randy and Dennis Som are continuing to look into the costs of several other potential projects.

Dave began discussion with the Elders about changing some of their responsibilities to help cover some of the areas of ministry vacated by Pastor Phil. Discussion is ongoing.     ~ph

Farewell to the Rushtons!












It is with great sadness that we say goodbye to Pastor Phil, Julie, James, Nate and Andrew Rushton! Phil accepted a call as Lead Pastor to Bellingham Covenant Church and they will be moving to the Lynden/Bellingham area in early September.

In spite of the pandemic restrictions, we were able to celebrate with them one last time at two “drive-by farewells” on August 22 and 23.

Several people in the congregation also submitted written memories, photos and words of encouragement that were put together in a notebook and given to the Rushtons during the worship service on Sunday, August 24. Phil was also presented with a generous check representing the gifts from the congregation.

We have been so blessed by the ministry of Phil and Julie these past ten years, and have enjoyed watching as their family has grown. Although we will miss them greatly, we know that God is leading them, and we pray that He will bless them and their new church family in this next season of their lives!





Youth: “Plugged In”

By Kyle Beasley, Interim Director of Youth

Zoom Youth Group—Wednesday, 7:00pm

We will continue using Zoom to connect each week, playing games,
worshipping, and studying God’s Word online.

Download the Zoom app to your phone or computer and then use the following link:
or open Zoom and enter the following information:
Meeting ID: 927 8858 8628
Password: 014494

 Youth Group LIVE—Sunday, 6:00pm-7:30pm

We are meeting in person, but we still need to follow the COVID-19 guidelines—masks, social distancing, and frequent hand washing. Please do not come if you are symptomatic (fever, cough, chills). We will be doing games, singing and hanging out IN PERSON!! Our Kickoff will be on Sunday, September 20.


Wed., Sept. 2 – No ZOOM – First Day of School
Sun., Sept. 6 – No LIVE—Labor Day Weekend
Wed., Sept. 9 – ZOOM – (7:00pm – 8:00pm)
Sun., Sept. 13—LIVE Game Night—(6:00pm-7:30pm)
Wed., Sept. 16 – ZOOM – (7:00pm – 8:00pm)
Sun., Sept. 20—LIVE Kickoff—(6:00pm-7:30pm)
Wed., Sept. 23 – ZOOM – (7:00pm – 8:00pm)
Sun., Sept. 27—LIVE—(6:00pm-7:30pm)
Wed., Sept. 30 – ZOOM – (7:00pm – 8:00pm)




By Mary Gronseth, Interim Director of Children’s Ministry

Whew!  Where did August go? It’s hard to believe it’s almost September. I am excited for Fall and the cool, foggy mornings and sunny afternoons with the beautiful colors of the leaves.

This has been a fun month for me. I had a wonderful group of 3rd-5th graders that came once a week for 4 weeks. We had a good time playing games, eating snacks, sharing prayer requests and praying. We had interesting discussions on Biblical topics such as:  prayer, what does it mean to be a disciple, what is Heaven like, what does Almighty mean. It’s so great to get a child’s insight on these things. It gave me some food for thought for sure.

Instead of bringing a large group of kids in at one time, I am going to bring small groups of 3-4 kids for a project. I’ve had girls request crafts so we will do a craft and ice cream time together. Watch the Facebook page for sign ups.  Boys, let me know what you would like to do.

I hope you were able to come to the drive by to wish the Rushtons well. It was great to see so many families! The Rushton boys have been an important part of our Children’s Ministry and we will miss them.

I know this school year will be a challenge for many. I will be praying for our families and educators during this time.


“Community Bible Study Part 2 – 2004 to Present”

By Karen Pickett

The July issue of our church newsletter summarized the beginning years of the weekly Community Bible Study. Now it’s time to review the history from 2004 to the present.

After 18 years teaching the Community Bible Study class, Kay Busack decided to retire. At the urging of Kay, Pastor Mary Ross took over the group’s leadership responsibility. Pastor Mary shifted the format to women sitting around tables with a table leader who would lead the discussion following a teaching session. Marge Kalal suggested that Mary look into the Beth Moore video series. Pastor Mary decided to use them, along with the workbooks that accompanied each video. Class participants purchased the workbooks and had “homework” to prepare for each session. The women were grouped into tables with a table leader, and because they and the leader remained at the same table throughout the year, “small group” relationships developed, which provided support as well as continuity.

During this time, the class meeting day was changed to Thursday, and Pastor Mary recalled that approximately 25-40 attended each week. Although using a video series, Pastor Mary still spent 2 hours or more studying for the week’s class. She also met with the table leaders for discussion and prayer. Some of the leaders included: Pam Graham, Linda Nave, and Kay Busack. Regarding Linda Nave, Mary said, “I had to encourage Linda to try being a table leader as she did not think she was capable. However, her faith and love for Jesus drew people to her and she provided great leadership and joy as a table leader.” (History member comment: As I have researched this class history, I have learned that frequently the woman being asked to take over the leadership of this Bible study has felt inadequate, but has then gone on to provide important and successful leadership to the group. Lesson learned: God does provide and equip!)

After 4 years of facilitating the class, Pastor Mary asked Pam Graham to assume its leadership. Pam facilitated the class for 7 years until she needed to resign because of her husband, Nelson’s, health situation. Pam continued to use the Beth Moore video series in the Fall-Winter term, and then used other presenters for the Spring. Table leaders included: Lynne Chace, Linda Nave, Earlene Isaacs, Cec Conner, Carol Fuller, Susan Hansen, and Victoria Block. In the early years of Pam’s leadership, Dolphine Mack led the women in song, and Helen McHattie gave a report about the African Bible College, which the class supported. Pastor John Williams and Pastor Phil Rushton often visited the class, grabbed a snack, and sat down at the tables to get to know the ladies. Pam feels that it was a great outreach to know our pastors. She also summarized this leadership experience by saying, “What I liked most was forming valued Christian friendships. We shared our stories, our hurts and concerns, laughter and love for our Lord and Savior. It was time well spent.”

Cec Conner stepped in as the class facilitator in 2014. She continued using Beth Moore videos and workbook, as well as materials from Priscilla Shirer and Jennifer Rothschild. Cec commented that she especially liked the Moore video on Daniel, and she preferred the videos on individual books of the Bible rather than on thematic/subject approaches.

Susan Hansen began to lead the class in 2015, in spite of the fact that she felt that she was not qualified. She emphasizes that she does not teach — she facilitates. “I felt a nudge from Jesus to do this when Cec Conner asked me.” She’s now been doing it for the past 5 years (it’s that God-thing again!). In the 5 years that she has been leading the class, she has used videos mostly from Beth Moore, but also from Kelly Minter, Priscilla Shirer, Jennifer Rothschild, Margaret Feinberg, and Kay Arthur. Current table leaders before cessation of the class because of the coronavirus were: Myrna Rapp, Rene Thorsvik, Laura Powers, Vickie Beck, and Susan Hansen. Lynne Chace was a long-time table leader and instrumental in putting together a MOPS table group. Each year the class supports a specific mission, in addition to collecting money to pay for childcare during class time so that MOPS women can more easily attend. This past year the class-chosen mission was the Women’s Emergency Support Shelter.

The Community Bible Study class has been in existence for almost 50 years and is a very important and successful mission and outreach of our church. Thank you to Miji, Joan, Kay, Mary, Pam, Cec, and Susan for teaching and facilitating the class; to the many table leaders and supporters who have worked to develop and continue the class; and to the hundreds of women who have faithfully attended the class and who have had their walk with Christ deepened.

This and That

Help Needed Serving

LvCC is expanding our mission to provide meals for the residents of Community House. There are now two residential facilities and we have the opportunity to serve a meal or two monthly at the new facility. Please contact Paul Googins at if you are interested in helping to serve meals from 5:30-7 p.m. (no cooking involved!).

M25:35 Update

As of 9/1, we have served 3940 meals! Please help us continue to distribute meals and share Jesus’ love with our neighbors. Drive by the church on Saturdays between Noon and 1:00 to pick up meals to go.

FISH Report

We served 129 orders in July. 254 adults and 142 children; five homeless. We spent $2913.12. Thanks to Kyle and team for all the help! Thanks also to those who helped with picking up groceries, setting up, filling orders, scheduling, working in the parking lot, and taking down and putting everything away. It takes a large crew to serve during FISH week. A BIG thank you to all! The next FISH week is Sept. 21.

Our Daily Bread

The devotionals are available in the Church Office. We have the regular size for Sept/Oct/Nov and the large print edition for  July/Aug/Sept. You may stop by the office to pick one up or call and we will mail it to you.

Surprise Drive-by 90th Birthday Celebration

for Dr. Jim Conrod on Sunday, Sept. 13 between 3-4 p.m. at Northlake Church on Ocean Beach Hwy. Bring yourself and a birthday card; you may decorate your car if you’d like! Please drive through to the back parking lot. Don’t tell Jim…it’s a surprise!

Unique Way to Donate to LvCC

If you have reached 70½ years in age and have an IRA, because of Covid-19 new Federal legislation (CARES Act), Required Minimum Distributions (RMD) are not required in 2020. However, if you still plan to take the distribution this year, you may benefit from donating all or a portion of your RMD to charity. By making a qualified charitable distribution (QCD), you may avoid paying tax on your RMD to the extent of the charitable distribution. Perhaps you would consider a gift to Longview Community Church. Check with your tax advisor for more details. Thank you for being an active and faithful member of our church community. By giving to Longview Community Church on a regular basis, you support our ministry and missions and show that our Church has a meaningful place in your heart.

Women’s Event: Lifeway Simulcast!

The Women’s Ministry Team is excited to announce that the event tentatively scheduled for Oct. 17 has been changed to a Lifeway Women Live Simulcast event on Oct. 3 from 9am-2pm! This will include pre-recorded video presentations from well-known Lifeway authors/speakers Beth Moore, Priscilla Shirer, and others, as well as opportunities for group sharing/discussion. We will be meeting socially-distanced with masks. The cost is only $20 and includes lunch. This is a great opportunity to invite a friend. Space is limited so don’t wait…sign up today! Please register by Sept. 30 using this form: Contact Patty Howland at with questions or if you need assistance registering.

Cowlitz Chaplaincy


YTD INCOME: $335,768
YTD EXPENSES: $383,415
DIFFERENCE: -$46,647


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