“LvCC People” Video Interviews

“LvCC People” Video Interviews

Each week during the Covid-19 crisis we are posting a short video interview with different people from the church so we can see how other people are holding up during the lockdown and stay connected. This page will be updated regularly as we continue to add more interviews.

Catch up with Jessie Mcgriff:

Catch up with the Sundbergs:


Catch up with Dolphine Mack:


Catch up with the Leggetts:


Catch up with the McMullans: In this installment we connect with Nate, Elizabeth and their 18 month old Grace.

Catch up with the Kleins: This week I (pastor Phil) interview Kelly and Anne-Marie Klein. They talk about some of the challenges they are up against managing the stay-at-home order with two young boys.

Catch up with the Hicks: I catch up with Dave and Gail Hick and talk about how they are holding up during the crisis in the midst of Gail’s health challenges. Be blessed as you hear their words of encouragement for the church.



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