Contemplative Wednesdays with Pastor Phil

Contemplative Wednesdays with Pastor Phil

Hi Everyone,

Join me (Pastor Phil) on Facebook Live Wednesday’s at 7:15 pm for short time of reflection.  Click here to find our Facebook Page.

Below are some of my recent live stream videos. To access the archive of all the previous talks and notes you can find them on my personal blog by clicking here:

Wednesday June 24, 2020: “Spiritual Identity”

Wednesday May 27, 2020: “Living Stones”


Wednesday May 13, 2020: “Not So Contemplative Wednesday: At Home Edition”

Here are a few thoughts of encouragement for those juggling the challenges of being at home with kids. The verse I highlight is from Isaiah 40:11 which reads: “He tends his flock like a shepherd: He gathers the lambs in his arms and carries them close to his heart; he gently leads those that have young.” I notice in this text God’s awareness of the extra challenges parents face, and his desire to gently lead and care for those who have young ones.

I also wanted to share this song by the Porter’s Gate music project called “Every Father, Every Mother.” May this song encourage those of you called to raise a son or daughter.


Wednesday April 29, 2020: College Campus Edition

Wednesdays April 15, 2020 Live Stream: Memorial Garden Edition

Here is the quote from Elizabeth Barrett Browning I referenced in the talk:

“Earth’s crammed with heaven, And every common bush afire with God, But only he who sees takes off his shoes; The rest sit round and pluck blackberries.”

March 25, 2020 Live Stream: Bell-Tower Edition

“Bells” by Thomas Merton, Thoughts in Solitude

Bells are meant to remind us that God alone is good, that we belong to Him, that we are not living for this world.

They break in upon our cares in order to remind us that all things pass away and that our preoccupations are not important.

They speak to us of our freedom, which responsibilities and transient cares make us forget. They are the voice of our alliance with the God of heaven. They tell us that we are His true temple. They call us to peace with Him within ourselves. . .

The bells say: business does not matter. Rest in God and rejoice, for this world is only the figure and the promise of a world to come, and only those who are detached from transient things can possess the substance of an eternal promise.

The bells say: we have spoken for centuries from the towers of great Churches. We have spoken to the saints, your fathers, in their land. We called them, as we call you, to sanctity. What is the word with which we called them?

We did not merely say, “Be good, come to Church.” We did not merely say “Keep the commandments” but above all, “Christ is risen, Christ is risen!” And we said, “Come with us, God is good, salvation is not hard, His love has made it easy!” And this, our message, has always been for everyone, for those who came and for those who did not come, for our song is as perfect as the Father in heaven is perfect and we pour our charity out upon all.

Evening Prayer from the Monks of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Carlton, OR

Now in the fading light of day
Maker of all to you we pray
That with your ever watchful love
You guard and keep us from above

Help and defend us through the night
Danger and terror put to flight
Never let evil have its way
Preserve us for another day.

March, 18, 2020: Sophie Edition

My first live-stream focuses on how to pray the Ignatian prayer of examen. If you missed it you can view the video here:  I often pray the prayer of examen while walking my dog Sophie at Lake Sacajawea, so I invited Sophie to join me for this video at the lake.

If you are interested in praying the prayer of examen on your own here is the guide:

Examen Prayer


  • Take a minute to be still.
  • Ask God for help you see his presence as you review the day.
  • Some Centering prayers that might help
    • Ephesians 1:18 “ I pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that you may know the hope to which he has called you, the riches of his glorious inheritance in his holy people
    • Lord, open our eyes, that we may see the beauty of goodness. Lord, open our ears, that we may hear the truth. Lord, open our lips, that we may show forth your praise
    • “Behold God beholding you… and smiling.” –Anthony De Mello, S.J.


  • Spend some time giving thanks for the gifts of this day. “Lord this day we have just lived is a gift from you. Help us to see the signs of your beauty, truth and goodness. Hear our prayers of gratitude and praise.”


  • Reflect over your day starting from when you woke up until now.
  • Ask God for help you to notice the strong interior movements and feelings that arose this day whether pleasing (like joy, peace, compassion, confidence, excitement or hope), or painful, (like sadness, anxiety, self-doubt, jealously, anger, or confusion)
  • Ask the spirit to help you to zero in on one or two of the experiences you had today that God wants you to pray about.
  • If they are positive movements where you were close to God, rejoice
  • If they are painful moments where you were drawn away from God, seek, help, forgiveness, or reconciliation.


  • After reviewing the day take some time to just sit silently contemplating the grace of God.
  • Rejoice in the grace of God’s provision, mercy, and forgiveness.

Look Ahead

  • End the day looking ahead to tomorrow
  • Reflect on how you can approach tomorrow in light of the ways God has been present in your life today. You may want to ask for help, strength, peace, or guidance regarding the things you are anticipating tomorrow.


  • You may want to close with the Lord’s Prayer, thank God for this time of prayer, or just sit in silence.


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