June 2020 Newsletter

June 2020 Newsletter

If you prefer to print the newsletter, you may download it here: Printable June 2020. Because all events and meetings are postponed until further notice, there is no calendar included this month. Please check online for updates.

Pastor’s Perspective

“Living Stones”

By Phil Rushton, Associate Pastor

Note:  This article is adapted from Phil’s most recent Wednesday video reflection. Phil publishes these talks on Wednesday evening at 7:15 on our Facebook page and website.

”As you come to him, the living Stone—rejected by humans but chosen by God and precious to him—you also, like living stones, are being built into a spiritual house to be a holy priesthood, offering spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ.” – 1 Peter 2:4-5

As we enter our third month of being the church scattered I am increasingly missing our opportunities to gather together in our sanctuary. I am looking forward to a time when we can be together in person again. Yet, in the meantime, I am reminded again that the church is not a building but a people. In the New Testament, we see that the spiritual center of worship moves from a physical temple to the community of faith. Paul calls us temples of the Holy Spirit. Peter envisions the church made up of “living stones,” a house made up of spirit-empowered people. Living stones! What an apt metaphor for this unprecedented time we are living in right now.

Perhaps it might be helpful for you to realize that you are a living stone – a vital piece of the people of God, called to minister to others and worship God right where you are. Perhaps this is an opportunity to recalibrate what it means to do ministry in Longview. Rather than simply missing being in our building made of many stones, we can see this as a chance for the true living stones of LvCC to be scattered all around this community, ministering to people where they are. The beauty of being “living stones,” who “are being built into a spiritual house,” is that we are less weighed down by a specific space. Living stones can move outward and be in multiple places.

I heard a metaphor this week that said the church should function less like a cruise ship and more like an aircraft carrier. The church becomes a cruise ship when it becomes about comfort, entertainment, and consumption. Church can easily be like that. It is a place we go for our needs, and a place where we want to stay. An aircraft carrier, however, is a filling station. Yes, it is a ship where people have to come for respite, refueling, and new assignments, but it is also a place of sending. A healthy church, you see, balances gathering and scattering.

I am looking forward to being able to gather again sometime soon. In the meantime, perhaps this is a season to rebalance our gathering and scattering. Perhaps in this season we have a chance to rediscover that the church is not solely a place where we go, but a community of living stones who are sent out to be the church out in a world that desperately needs Jesus. In this increasingly post-Christian culture, where people are reluctant to come to us, maybe it is a good thing that we are forced to go to them.

Bless you, living stones, as you continue to be the church scattered during this
difficult time.

Elder Meeting Highlights

At the May 5 vision meeting, which was held online via Zoom, Dave asked  for the Elders’ feedback on two videos about online church services. They discussed what we are currently doing, how we could improve, and possible directions to go when we are able to return to meeting together again.

During the May 19 business meeting, also held via Zoom, Dennis Som reported to the Elders on the various projects that have been accomplished during the past year and also discussed a proposed “to do” list of needed maintenance projects and improvements. Randy Sundberg offered to work with Dennis to calculate estimates for the various projects and will report back to the Elders at the next meeting.

Dave mentioned that Mary Gronseth would like to make the Nursery and Preschool rooms available for church and MOPS moms and children to reserve for playtime, giving them an alternate place to take their children who have been restricted to home for the past two months. This would be for one family at a time, and rooms and items would be disinfected between uses. The Elders agreed to the idea, but suggested Mary wait until the County is in Phase 2 of the Governor’s reopening schedule (which has since happened).

Dave also discussed a proposal to provide 5000 meals to our community over the next several months. Paul Googins will be assembling a team of volunteers to prepare and distribute the meals. (see article below).

The next Elders meeting will be the vision meeting scheduled for June 2.     ~ph

While You Were Out…

Although we have not been able to meet at the church lately, Custodian/Maintenance Supervisor, Dennis Som has been very busy! He recently completed updating the girls and boys restrooms on the upper floor of the CE Building. They have new paint, flooring, fixtures and partitions! Dennis has also re-seeded the places in the lawn where the trees were removed, and has kept all of the shrubs pruned and looking beautiful. He plans to continue working on his “to do” list throughout the summer, taking advantage of the empty facility. Thank you, Dennis, for keeping LvCC looking beautiful. We look forward to seeing all of the improvements when we are able to return!

Boys Sink
Boys Stalls
Girls Room
Re-seeded grass areas



Re-seeding and pruned bushes











Youth: “Plugged In”

By Kyle Beasley, Interim Director of Youth

SPOTLIGHT on our intern, Ella Millikan (interviewed by our other intern, Matt Avalon)

Q—Where do you go to school?  A—Southern Wesleyan University, Majoring in Human Services.
Q—What do you hope to do after graduation?  A—Become a social worker
Q—What are you most looking forward to about working at Longview Community this summer?  A—Gaining wisdom from coworkers, the relational aspect of youth ministry, and cleaning the youth closet
Q—If you could have one animal as a pet, what would it be and why?  A—I would have a sloth because they are cute and like to cuddle
Q—What are three words that describe you?  A—Goofy, compassionate, and loving
Q—Last question… barbecue or ranch?  A—Ranch, all the way

Youth Group—Wednesday, 7:00pm

We are using Zoom to connect each week, and getting creative about how to play games, worship, and study God’s Word online. We’ve had some different themes like a costume party and “Where Am I?” We’ve also played games like Pictionary and charades. Each week we do a DoorDash giveaway during youth group.

We have also been hosting movie nights using Netflix Party and playing games together with Jackbox.tv. It’s always great to see each other on Zoom, but we can’t wait to get back together in person.

Quarantine Together

Every day on our Plugged In Youth Instagram we are posting one minute videos of leaders and students reading through scripture and giving a thought for the day. This gives us a great opportunity to see each other even when we can’t be together. Right now we are finishing reading through Psalm 119, the longest chapter in the Bible. After that we will start doing some Gospel readings. Follow us (Plugged In Youth) on Instagram or friend us on Facebook.

We are also using the Bible App to do a daily Bible Study together. If you would like to join, friend Longview Community Youth on the Bible App.

Summer Camps

We are still hoping that we might be able to do camps this summer. We are working with The Dunes in Long Beach to host Middle School and High School Camps.

We will not have campers to work with at Camp Attitude this year, but we might be able to take some people down to help with some work projects.

Here are the (hopeful) dates:
July 6-11, The Dunes—Middle School Camp
July 12-18, The Dunes—High School Camp
Early August, Camp Attitude—Service Week



By Mary Gronseth, Interim Director of Children’s Ministry

This has been a great month in Children’s Ministry. I miss our families so much but have had the opportunity to see a few from a distance when I do porch drops. Porch drops are when I leave some fun things and a snack on the porch of our kids. This past month I did a popcorn drop. The bag included a bag of popcorn and paint by sticker activities. It’s a way to let the kids know we are thinking about them and praying for them. I have also been doing Saturday Morning Zoom times with our kids. It gives us a time to check in with each other. We share what has been going on, share prayer requests, have a short Bible lesson and play a game. These are great times for me to see their faces and hear their voices. It’s such an awesome time! Thank you for checking in and for your support. It is a different time to minister, but we are finding ways to connect with our people.

Feeding of 5000-M25:35

“Matthew 25:35-For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in”.

We have an awesome opportunity to serve our community and YOU have an opportunity to participate! We’re calling it “M25:35” based on the verse from Matthew. Our goal is to provide 5000 meals (at least) to the community over the next several months, just to bless and encourage them. These would be individually packaged hot meals available on Saturdays from 12 – 2 pm, beginning June 6, on a first-come, first-served basis to anyone who wants them, including those who are homeless, people struggling financially, first-responders, or anyone who just needs a break from stress and would appreciate a free meal. Our homebound members may contact Paul Googins by the Friday prior to request a meal to be delivered to them. Saturday was selected because that is the one day of the week that there is not a regular meal provided by other community organizations. Paul Googins will be leading a team of volunteers who will prepare, assemble, and distribute the meals. This program is being  partially funded by Missions as a community outreach mission. Contact Paul Googins at paul@longviewcommunitychurch.org for more information! If you would like to help, please complete the weekly form here:


Women’s News

A few of the women’s groups have continued to meet online via Zoom during the past couple of months, but most have taken a break and are keeping in touch by phone calls and sending cards and notes of encouragement to each other. All groups are hoping to resume studies, meetings, gatherings, and luncheons in the fall but that depends on the progress that has been made with the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions. More information will be posted on the Women’s Ministry page of the church website as it’s available, and group leaders will be contacting participants in their groups with more details.

Speaking of Women’s Ministry, a new Women’s Ministry Team has been formed, under the Staff leadership of Patty Howland, consisting of leaders of the various women’s groups at LvCC! The main purposes of the group are to encourage cooperation and communication between the various groups, to work together to meet  the needs of LvCC’s women for spiritual growth, fellowship, support/encouragement, and service, and to continue to develop Women’s Ministry at LvCC. If you have suggestions for women’s studies, groups or events that you would like to see implemented in the future, please contact Patty Howland at admin@longviewcommunitychurch.org.

Library Notes

The newest additions to our library are 4 new books in a series called Under Northern Skies written by Lauraine Snelling. She is the author of the very popular Red River of the North series about a family from Norway who Homestead in Eastern North Dakota.

This new series is about another Norwegian family (cousins of the ones in North Dakota) who emigrate to Minnesota in 1910. We hope to have them ready for check out whenever the church reopens.

Dee Dalgarno, Library Director

Congratulations to all graduating seniors!

Lovingly from your library crew






by Charlene O. Krause

A father is a special one
Who has to ‘wear all hats’.
He’s tender and he’s also stern
When actions call for that.

The love he feels for family
Encompasses his all.
He’s sometimes grandparent as well.
Oh yes – he’s ten feet tall!

Our best to you on Father’s Day.
You’ve earned this accolade.
You are the best of fathers –
With us, you’ve ‘made the grade’!

Editor’s Note: Charlene’s original poems have blessed many people over the years and they, along with Charlene, will be greatly missed! The Staff would like to express our deepest sympathy to the Krause family at the recent  passing of Charlene.

This and That

A new Connections form is now available on the church website and Facebook page! This may be used for requests for prayer or financial assistance, to update contact info, or to ask questions or get more information. Please check it out!

The regular-size Daily Bread for June/July/August are available in the church office. Please call the Church or email admin@longviewcommunitychurch.org and we will mail you one.

A Trustees fund provides scholarships for people wanting to study for a career in Christian service. Applications are available from the Church Office and are being accepted through June 30. Contact Bob Gaston, Trustees chairman at rbgaston@me.com with questions. The Trustees scholarship is separate from the Hoffman Scholarship, which is for graduating high school seniors who will be attending college. The deadline for the Hoffman Scholarship applications was June 1.

Thank you for your continued financial support! Several of you have been utilizing our online giving option and we appreciate that. For your information, the church does pay fees to process these contributions as follows:

Credit/Debit cards: 2.9% + $.30/transaction
ACH Bank Transfer: 1% + $.25/transaction
Bill Pay set up through your bank incurs no fees to the church. Please take this into consideration when you set up your online giving options. Thank you!

If you, or someone you know, are in need of assistance during this time, please fill out the new online Connections form or contact Pasor Phil at
prap@longviewcommunitychurch.org. He and the Deacons are working to provide food, help run errands, give financial assistance, and provide spiritual and prayer support to those who request it.

The Prayer Chain is still active! If you have a prayer request or praise, please fill out the online Connections form or email your request to: admin@longviewcommunitychurch.org or call the Church Office. Also, please let us know if you have updates on previous requests, as it is helpful and encouraging for us to know how to better pray or to praise God for answers!

Camp Attitude

YTD INCOME: $201,993
YTD EXPENSES: $221,668
DIFFERENCE: -$19,615

Thank you SO MUCH for your faithful generosity to keep Mission and Ministry growing and healthy at LvCC!  ~The Elders