Fall Reading List and Life Journals

Fall Reading List and Life Journals

Each quarter we provide a scripture reading schedule to encourage the development of your personal spiritual formation. Below you will find this quarter’s schedule.  You can also download a hard copy here: Fall 2015 Daily Readings.

Starting this year we are going to alternate between the New Testament and Old Testament each quarter and read the Psalms in the summer. Over the next few years we will end up reading the entire Old Testament once, the New Testament twice and the Psalms twice.   We’ve intentionally chosen a slower pace so that we have time to really meditate and reflect on the text each day. This method also gives us regular re-entrance points each quarter if we happen to get out of rhythm.

Along with reading the text we’d encourage you to keep a journal of what you are learning. Here is a proposed process. It follows the acronym REAP:

Read: Read through the text slowly and write out a key phrase that stands out to you.
Examine: Write out an initial observation or question you have.
Apply: Write out how this text applies to your life.
Pray: Spend some time in conversation with God about what you have read.

This Fall we are doing the synoptic gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke:


Week 1:

Mon: Matthew 1

Tue: Matthew 2

Wed: Matthew 3

Thu: Matthew 4

Fri: Matthew 5

Sat: Matthew 6

Sun: Catch-up


Week Two:

Mon: Matthew 7

Tue: Matthew 8

Wed: Matthew 9

Thu: Matthew 10

Fri: Matthew 11

Sat: Matthew 12

Sun: Catch-up


Week Three:

Mon: Matthew 13

Tue: Matthew 14

Wed: Matthew 15

Thu: Matthew 16

Fri: Matthew 17

Sat: Matthew 18

Sun: Catch-up


Week Four:

Mon: Matthew 19

Tue: Matthew 20

Wed: Matthew 21

Thu: Matthew 22

Fri: Matthew 23

Sat: Matthew 24

Sun: Catch-up


Week Five:

Mon: Matthew 25

Tue: Matthew 26

Wed: Matthew 27

Thu: Matthew 28

Fri: Mark 1

Sat: Mark 2

Sun: Catch-up


Week Six:

Mon: Mark 3

Tue: Mark 4

Wed: Mark 5

Thu: Mark 6

Fri: Mark 7

Sat: Mark 8

Sun: Catch-up


Week Seven:

Mon: Mark 9

Tue: Mark 10

Wed: Mark 11

Thu: Mark 12

Fri: Mark 13

Sat: Mark 14

Sun: Catch-up


Week Eight:

Mon: Mark 15

Tue: Mark 16

Wed: Luke 1

Thu: Luke 2

Fri: Luke 3

Sat: Luke 4

Sun: Catch-up


Week Nine:

Mon: Luke 5

Tue: Luke 6

Wed: Luke 7

Thu: Luke 8

Fri: Luke 9

Sat: Luke 10

Sun: Catch-up


Week Ten:

Mon: Luke 11

Tue: Luke 12

Wed: Luke 13

Thu: Luke 14

Fri: Luke 15

Sat: Luke 16

Sun: Catch-up


Week Eleven:

Mon: Luke 17

Tue: Luke 18

Wed: Luke 19

Thu: Luke 20

Fri: Luke 21

Sat: Luke 22

Sun: Catch-up


Week Twelve:

Mon: Luke 23

Tue: Luke 24

Wed: Catch-up

Thu: Catch-up

Fri: Catch-up

Sat: Catch-up

Sun: Catch-up



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