Vacation Bible School: SonSpark Labs

Vacation Bible School: SonSpark Labs

Kids entering Kindergarten through 5th grade are invited to SonSpark Labs VBS, June 24-28, from 9AM-Noon, where they’ll get to explore the answers to universal questions:

Day 1: Who made the World and Me? God’s Plan: 2 Make Us
Day 2: What happens when I do wrong things? God’s Plan: 2 Be With Us
Day 3: What is God like? God’s Plan: 4 Us 2 Know Him
Day 4: Why did Jesus have to die? God’s Plan: 2 Save Us!
Day 5: So…now what do I do? God’s Plan: 2 Love Us 4-Ever!

To Register call 423-6380 or e-mail the Church Office or Lisa Som using the contact form below:




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