ReFrame: A Winter Discipleship Journey

ReFrame: A Winter Discipleship Journey

This winter I will be hosting a course on Wednesday evenings called ReFrame. This is a great new film series put on by Regent College, where I did my seminary training. Regent is a unique graduate school in that its primary mission is to equip people in a variety of vocational settings to integrate Christian discipleship with everyday life. As a result, I had the chance to study alongside businessmen, lawyers, social workers, as well as pastors as we wrestled with how the Christian story plays itself out during the other six days of the week.

My years at Regent were some of the most transformative years of my life. It was at Regent where faith came to life for me in a profound way. I was able to make the connection between the biblical story and my own calling in the world. The professors at Regent helped me see how the Christian faith is relevant to our complex modern world.

reframeSo I was excited with the recent release of the ReFrame video series, which attempts to make the resources and vision of Regent available for local churches. In essence, this course is a condensed graduate theological education that is made accessible for everyday church-goers.

The creators of the course explain the purpose of this curriculum in this way:

“Our lives are increasingly complex and so is our modern world. As a result, Christians often struggle to connect what they believe with what they do day by day. ReFrame addresses this challenge through a 10-week, film-based series that helps Christians connect faith with all of life; whether that be tending a garden, caring for children, pastoring a church, or negotiating a business deal.”

The format of the course blends short talks by world-class theologians, interviews with people seeking to integrate faith in a variety of vocational settings, and group discussion. The major themes of the session seek to show how the Biblical story shapes our stories. The creators of the course write:\

“The story of Scripture is often viewed as irrelevant – disconnected from the difficulties, questions, joys, an sorrows of life. It is easy for Christians to conform to the pattern of this world (Romans 12:2) and lose sight of the true story. ReFrame encourages a transformation of how we understand and live our own stories. The course invites participants to encounter Jesus in their everyday circumstances, understand the meaning of Jesus’ life and work in the Biblical story, and respond to Jesus in practical and creative ways.”

We will be running the ReFrame course throughout the winter and spring on Wednesday evenings in the fireside room starting January 7. The course will meet at 6:45 following our community dinner at 6pm in the fellowship hall. Looking forward to the journey!

Check out this short trailer that gives you an overview of the course.